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What You Need To Know

Dear Church Family,

            First, we want to express our deep love for each of you. We miss you, we are praying for you, and we look forward to gathering together soon. You are truly missed. We encourage you to use the tab above to request prayer or to contact the church office if you are in need of supplies.

           We are diligently working to provide a live sermon each week. You will be able to tune in to Facebook or YouTube to watch Bro. Robbie bringing the Word of God. We encourage families to gather together to worship, watch, and discuss each week's sermon. We will provide activity guides for our children, Facebook videos, and teaching on both Facebook live and our website.

What can you do?

  • ·         You can pray. You can pray that the Lord miraculously heals and removes this virus. Pray for those who are currently suffering and those who may have lost a loved one. Pray for the leaders, President Trump, Governor Beshear, and the many other leaders who are on the front line dealing with this pandemic.

  • ·         You can share. Share sermons through social media. We want to be a light in the world. We want to shine in the darkness of these days. Invite your friends and family to watch in their homes. Call them before and after sermons to answer questions or to offer to pray for them.

  • ·         Give. The church relies on your faithful giving. Your tithes and offerings are incredibly beneficial, especially in times such as these. If you are unable to give online, please mail a check:

Edmonton Worship Center

P.O. Box 598

Edmonton, KY 42129

 Church, we love you. We miss you. We will gather together as soon as we can. Until then, you are still called to serve Jesus and to be the church. Go, share, and shine the LOVE of Christ.


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